Saturday, 5 April 2014

Revival of the Rucksack

High fashion is daring to dip into the realms of everyday pieces and practicality this season by adding their designer edge to the beloved rucksack. They've realised the desperate need to give the piece a timely facelift and update it's somewhat tragic reputation, and at long last we can see a revival of the rucksack!
Everyone owns one, and most are scared to bring it out of the back of the wardrobe for fear of capturing a ninja turtle-esque vibe and choosing to go for fashion over the comfort and practicality of the double strap.
Have no fear fashion lovers, as the answer to our social embarrassment fears have been answered by the designer Gods in fashion houses around the globe. Unfortunately most come at quite a price, but what price do you put on saving face and looking good? Hopefully over £1,000 if you're a fan of the offerings from the accessories experts at Chanel.
This creation by Chanel is certainly a chic, designer take on the bog-standard rucksack. It's a piece that you may style to look casual and evoke a 'thrown-together' look, but you most certainly wouldn't want to graffiti tip-ex or pin badges to it like your teen self might have done - that would just be down right (ruck!)sack religious in this case! 
 I'm more of a fan of the this sleek and classic, colourful design from 3.1 Phillip Lim. I love the bold, popping orange and the zip detailing which is both practical, and a nice feature to the piece. It's a sizeable bag so still meeting the rucksack requirements where you can throw in almost everything and anything you own Mary Poppins style, but it's still incredibly chic and makes a fashion statement whilst maintaining the required level of practicality.

Designers at Alexander McQueen have given their very individual spin on updating the rucksack, with a typical McQueen rock inspired design and edgy detailing. This piece, again, makes a real fashion statement and would add to any outfit with an injection of style whilst fitting the bill to act as the ideal accessory for a day out with friends.

Throw away the old tatty 90s throw-back rucksack you haven't dared let yourself be seen in day light wearing, and allow yourself to avoid the arm-ache and shoulder agony of the usual handbag by investing in one of these designer rucksack beauties. They're both stylish and sensible - it might not sound sexy, but if you work it right there's no reason why it can't look fabulous!