Saturday, 21 December 2013

Timeless Tailoring

Suits and smart tailoring are no longer worn solely by men entrapped in the corporate world, paired with a yawn-worthy white white shirt and tie and overly shined leather brogues. Tailoring is something which can be appreciated by all, and has become a real artistry of fashion designers. There is no better way to clearly display the complex skills of design and craftsmanship by producing a beautifully sewn suit, nor will any piece ever be as timeless as a perfectly fitting piece of tailoring.

The trade has feminised over the years, with softer shapes and curved silhouettes, allowing the previously masculine dominated market to be equally appreciated by us girls. It's not just a look to be worn by ball-breaker business moguls, tailoring is now both practical, functional in business but most of all stylish and chic. A blazer can smarten up almost any look, and elevate a casual jean and shirt combination to a far greater fashion level of effortless elegance.

Many designer dabble within their collections each season with a couple of tailored pieces here and there, but others are specialists and clearly stand-out as the well-known, fashion names when looking to tailoring and quality design.

The name Helmut Lang immediately springs to my mind, and cannot be considered any less than a God in the female tailoring realm. His designs could happily grace any upmarket cocktail party, with others fitting perfectly into any high-flying workplace. I struggle to think of any occasion  in which a Helmut Lang piece could not be the ideal 'run to' in order to turn heads and evoke immediate jealousy.

This Cubist Print jacket is a personal favourite of mine. It combines both a classic assymetric, feminine wrap around shape to compliment almost any female figure with a modern, bold print design. It would look fabulous in a serious business meeting, or worn out to dinner with a killer pair of heels. Both versatile and functional - a girl's best friend!

Have no fear when you're faced with the need to suit-up and look smart, thanks to the fashion Gods of Helmut Lang we can still look sexy, stylish and sensational. I'm desperate to get in the boardroom just for the excuse to buy another luxury Lang design and discuss the most important business debate - fashion.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cowboy Chic

The catwalks are already brimming with style delights we can look forward to wearing this Autumn/Winter 2014. It may seem early, but I certainly appreciate being aware of the upcoming trends well in advance. My finances need several months notice before I am even able to contemplate the purchase of any of the designer pieces gracing the fashion world, so the earlier I start saving the better!  

Chanel's Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Ready-To-Wear collection is no exception, offering up some amazing Texan inspired looks, full of fringing, plenty of leather and more hats than you've got days in the season. I particularly love the patterns and mix of textures in the collection, with a diverse range of pieces perfect to mix and match, layer and keep yourself warm for the inevitably chilly coming winter. These two looks particularly stand out to me, with the patterned wraps and gorgeously chosen accessories.

We're still wrapped up in this year's wintery warmers but I am already excited at the thought of throwing on one of the Chanel's wrap-arounds and keeping out the cold. They're effortlessly cool and wonderfully enveloping, perfect for the season. I am so intrigued by the fur dress as worn in the left image, I would love to see how that could be worn as a smart workplace look or dressed up for a evening occasion. I think it could look spectacular, and be a fabulous talking point if worn well. It's so unusual and you can feel pretty confident that you would never be caught short and bump into someone similarly dressed when you're wearing that furry number. I'd love to have an event to wear it at!

It seems we should be planning ahead for the coming Autumn/Winter, so get saving and I'll see you next year all tassles and leather in keeping with the trends of 2014!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Crackers

It's a big question everyone asks themselves, well anyone who gives a damn about fashion!, "What am I going to wear on Christmas day?" Many of us take hideously over-organised and awkwardly formalised family photos, usually complete with Christmas themed accessories or garish Crimbo jumpers, so it's important to consider at length how you want to be seen in this year's picture.

At this time of year your fashion needs to allow for practicality and comfort. It's the season for indulgence, so an elasticated waist is always welcome, and temperatures are plummeting so there is simply no space for anything cropped or mini in my wardrobe over the winter period! Heavy knits and a fabulous fur are welcomed with open arms, along with the plethora of adornments from hats, scarves and gloves galore. I have to admit that I'm a little hat obsessed, annually requesting a new winter warmer to add to the collection.

I'm not a hat snob, I love pretty much every style from a flat cap to a beanie, but there are definitely a few which stand out and others which I would endeavour to avoid. On a 2 year old toddler, a novelty animal themed hat can look adorable and quite frankly it would be a shame not to force them into wearing such a thing when you still have a say over it! However, I seem to have missed the announcement that 30 somethings could get away with wearing the same novelty panda printed beanie and it be socially acceptable? It certainly isn't in my opinion!

Deviating from my usual expensive, designer fashion suggestions, this hat is both fashion, and purse, friendly at only £17. Available at Accessorize, this beanie would be sure to keep you warm this winter, and still leave you change for a cheeky trip to the pub for a liquid winter warmer too.

Gloves are also a seriously underrated accessory. I think they can really add a sense of style and glamour to a winter outfit, and it's well worth investing a little more money in a quality pair that are able to stand up to the ever-chilling winter conditions.

Asos have a great collection, making finding one single pair to purchase a seriously difficult choice. Although my ethos is life is, if in doubt, get them both. So in the instance, I'd reiterate that! If I really had to push to single out one stand-out pair, I'd have to go for these burgandy leather metal-plate gloves. They look far more expensive than their bargain price tag of just £22, especially considering they're 100% leather, making them a great value purchase.

Perfect as a Christmas stocking filler, or a gift to yourself, it's always wise to accessorise and there's no better season than Winter.