Monday, 24 February 2014

Pretty Pastels

The weather is most definitely improving - finally! - so my thoughts are already turning to my spring/summer wardrobe. It's never too early and does nothing but good for the soul to think of sunny thoughts to help get us through the tough rainy days.

Whenever the sun is out, however rare it may be, I love to wear a super feminine outfit full of floral patterns, pastel colours and light, floaty material. There's nothing better than wearing a flowing chiffon skirt and soaking up the sun, life doesn't get much better!


This spring/summer looks set to be another great one thanks to the design team at Peter Pilotto. Their 2014 collection is breathtaking  and so wearable that any girl would fall head over heels to wear one of their pieces. The colouring is stunning first off, but the detail and intricacy of the designs are simply outstanding. They deserve to be in a glass box and admired, but I'm more than happy to wear them instead!


The silhouette on the dress above is absolutely beautiful and really compliments the female figure. The team at Pilotto really seem to understand what women want, and how to dress to suit their shape. I'm certainly wowed and would love to spend a summer's afternoon with a picnic in the park, feeling the epitome of style and sophistication wearing one of their incredible creations. Well, a girl can dream!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Underwear is the New Outerwear

Trends each season can often be a little risqué, with exposed skin here and there and the odd bit of lace doing nothing to cover our dignity. It's fun to be daring and designers are continuing to push the boundaries of where the line should be drawn between day wear and night-time attire.

Rodarte have managed to create a Spring/Summer 14 collection which encapsulates the beautiful femininity of lingerie whilst maintaining a perfectly socially acceptable level of daily wearability by covering just the areas, just the right amount.

These pieces manage to hit the spot by allowing us girls to feel sexy and young, yet paired with a longer, more demure, skirt keeps the outfit classy and chic. The only problem I would find would be ever having the weather to be able to pull it off without looking pained, but they do say no pain no gain so perhaps a little risk of hypothermia would be worth it!
Not only have Rodarte managed to bridge the gap between nightwear and daywear seamlessly, but they're almost bringing Ying and Yang together in perfect harmony too - what a team of design geniuses!

I adore these monochrome looks, especially the right-side harlequin ruffle halter top. That would be perfect paired with a cute pair of shorts on a summer day, or with a high-waisted leather skirt for a sexy, seductress look.

Ladies, if you want to feel sexy, feminine, glamorous or all of the above (as well as perhaps a little chilly!), head to Rodarte where you will undoubtedly find a piece to fit the bill.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Crop Top or Crop Flop?

In recent seasons, the crop top has made a real come-back, with the revival being paired with a sophisticated pencil skirt or more casually with jeans being seen on every pavement internationally. It's been a feature on red carpets as well as within street style globally making it out to be one of the most versatile yet daring wardrobe pieces.

I'm still on the fence as to whether I'm a fan. I can understand that if you've got a set of rock hard abs you want to show them off, but there are more subtle ways to do so without literally shoving them in everyone's face. For me, I'd rather show off my figure in a stylish piece of tailoring which equally allows others to notice I don't frequent Maccy D's on a daily basis, rather than catching a cold with my stomach out and hesitating every time I need to sit down and the inevitable 'rolls' are unleashed.

However, despite my ranting, I have to admit that I do have one cropped piece. I feel I can justify it considering it's a 40s style tie top, so it's not a slogan tee at least! If I were to ever take the cropped-top purchase plunge again, I could be tempted by an ASOS bargain.

This Recalimed Vintage Floral piece is a great fabric and I really like the simple shape and neckline. And for £30, it doesn't matter if you only where it a couple of times!

My favourite of the ASOS crop offerings has to be this tartan vintage piece though. Currently in the sale for a bargain price of £19, it's a steal. Paired with the matching skirt, it's a great example of an uber-cool patterned twin set, which shows off an iron-board stomach but with 3/4 sleeves so there's no danger of over-exposure!

My advice is to tread carefully in the cropped department, ensuring that if you dare to bare that you do so by going for a chic piece like the ASOS Vintage Tartan top above. Don't go falling into the cliche trap of a lycra polo neck which graces the wardrobes of almost every wannabe hipster in existence!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Kick off the New Year in Style

Last night was a celebration of the Chinese New Year, full of colour and aspirations for a prosperous and happy new year. Looking forward to what the future holds is exciting both in terms of what major life events we may have coming our way or opportunities on the horizon, as well as what on earth we're going to wear at each and everyone of them!

As well as being a cause for celebration of new beginning, the Chinese New Year has influences far wider reaching having a large impact upon the fashion world. Designers have been taking inspiration from the Orient in their latest designs and transforming them into wearable stunning designs for us all to enjoy.

Dolce&Gabbana's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is nothing short of stunning. Their collection truly stands out to me as a result of their exquisite choice of materials and superb tailoring. The shapes and textures created by the incredible Italian design team are simply beautiful and the quality speaks for itself. These looks will add glamour and elegant style all across the globe, and are statement outfits for all the right reasons.

These pieces transcend any office or street style, they can be worn almost anywhere and anytime as long as it's complete with the necessary 'Audrey Hepburn' esque attitude of effortless style. I can see these pieces becoming classics, timeless outfits which despite being heavily patterned never going out of fashion. Chic is chic, and these are chic!

Embrace the orient this coming season and invest in a piece from Dolce&Gabbana's SS14 collection which will undoubtedly serve you well for years to come.

Start the New Year off in style with a quality, chic D&G design.