Sunday, 27 October 2013

God Save The McQueen

Alexander McQueen is clearly a designer dream for most fashion lovers, and an inspiration to many other designers and brands within the world of fashion.

Thanks so the wonderful and talented Sarah Burton as creative director of the fashion house, McQ Alexander McQueen has continued to maintain its legendary place as a leader in innovation and design.

I am completely encapsulated by their shoe collection at the moment. If money grew on trees, I know where I'd run to after grabbing a suitcase full! They are always unmistakably McQueen - eye-catching, modern, beautifully sculpted pieces of art. They are pairs of walking architecture, being renowned for often reaching dizzyingly sky-high heights.

That's what McQueen has established it's strong, respected history upon. Creating quality stand-out pieces which appeal to the daring, super stylish fashionista who not only wants to make a statement, but wants to evoke envy from everyone around them. Fashion's cut throat, and wearing a pair of McQueen's incredible shoes is exactly that. They combining a sense of danger from braving the amazingly tall stiletto to demeaning anyone around who realizes how much better you look than they do!

It's easy to see why when you look at these amazing heels. There's no head that wouldn't turn on seeing these beauties, and you can count on the fact no-one else will be wearing them unlike those Primark pumps you throw on usually.

These incredible boots are more my personal style, and they're clearly more wearable day-to-day. They don't make quite the same 'wow, look at me!' statement, but you can't deny that they are effortlessly cool and seriously chic. They would be amazing to wear to keep your tootsies warm on a cold Winter day, and add a real sense of classic style to an outfit. Worn with a pair of dark, smart jeans and a blouse, you'd be the best dressed anywhere.

So whether you want to cause a stir, or ooze style and sophistication, with a pair of McQueens shoes you can do all three. They really are the shoes dreams are made of!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

It's A Circus Out There

I revel in wearing a piece that others consider to be outrageous or just too colourful to be seen in daylight. There are limits, obviously, but it’s always enjoyable to push yourself and see how far you are willing to go in terms of self-confidence in trying to pull off a really daring outfit.

These Paige Verdugo harlequin-print skinny jeans are a fabulous way to ease yourself in to daring a little more, and seeing how great they make you feel. They are by no means the most shocking pair of jeans nor are they smashing the norms of social acceptability, but they definitely show a strong sense of confidence and give of a fun, young vibe.

The monochrome colour palette means they’re incredibly wearable and versatile. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, they’re also a great wardrobe staple which could be transformed from day to night with the simplest addition of a ruby red lip.

They hit every spot in my book of jean requirements, ticking all the comfort, style and sophistication boxes. Too many idioms? Too late…

So when life’s feeling a bit tough or monotonous, grab a pair of daring troos for the perfect pick-me-up and you’ll instantly feel the effects. There’s no way they won’t put a smile on your face!   

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Any opportunity to channel your inner lumberjack and throw on a checkered number should be encouraged. I’m not a die-hard check fan, but every now and again there’s no harm.

It should, of course, be worn with caution and I would always live by a ‘one piece’ rule. Never double check. NEVER! I can just about cope with a double denim outfit, but that’s at a push as long as it’s done well. I worry that the sight of a double check look may just offend me on so many levels that it would completely shatter my restraint to shout fashion-fueled profanities. That’s a situation I never want to find myself in.

When styled correctly and the pattern is given the appropriate respect, it can make for a really classic and understated look. Whether you’re giving a gentle nod to your Scottish heritage, or you just simply love a glass of whisky on a weeknight so you basically qualify as an honorary Scot, it’s a great fashion choice to go for the check.

Take this quality Stella McCartney Tartan Crew Neck Sweater. The light pastel colouring evokes a truly wintry feeling and teamed with the mohair and virgin wool it’s sure to keep you well protected from the chilly weather. Over-sized and seriously soft, two adjectives you always want to hear when it comes to your winter wardrobe and they really encompass this McCartney gem.

It's definitely going straight on my Christmas list, it's just a shame I'll have to wait so long!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Dare To Play The Fashion Game?

It’s a Friday night, so a few drinks at the very least are a must. Even if it’s a cheeky vino at the pub, any occasion to dress up and flash your latest purchase is always welcome.

I always advise not to over think an outfit. The more time you put in to the decision, the more put-together and awkwardly matchy-matchy it can look. I go in with a ‘throw it on, and see how it looks’ attitude. Far easier, and always a lot more fun, creating a different outfit every time! Perhaps a little more stressful if the outfit attempt #1 has more of a fancy dress vibe from pattern overkill, and it might take a few minor tweaks to get to the final look, but with patience the outcome can look great.

Fashion is supposed to be fun, so it should never be taken too seriously. Whenever I see a dressed mannequin carefully dressed in a shop window, the thought of going in store and buying the exact outfit is one I immediately reject. If someone has thought of it before, think again and try something new. You don't have to be whacky and outrageous just for the sake of it, don't get me wrong I'm no advocate of Miley Cyrus's bizarre get-up, but it definitely pays to try and go against the grain of the masses.  


Tonight, I’m taking a smart casual approach to my attire, inspired by my discovery of the awesome designer duo behind Aries. I absolutely love this navy silk polka dot shirt paired with a pair of bright red jeans, perfectly eluding chic style and nonchalance. It’s a great mixture of classic and modern style, ideal for both casual day wear, and easily transferable to a classy, smart evening look. They aim for their designs to transcend seasons and exist beyond time and place, their success in doing so is clear with this time-less piece. (Available online from:

It's not groundbreaking or going to change the rules of fashion, but it'll catch people's eye and certainly evoke a few compliments here and there. Why not try something new when you step out tonight, and dare to play in the game of fashion.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Some Like it Hot

Winter is most definitely on its way, one of my favourite seasons, and the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe. I love wrapping myself up in a big coat and braving the elements. And with some of the latest fabulous high street offerings, I’d be more than happy to brave the inevitable onslaught of chilling winds and blustering snow. Especially with the thought of a warming glass of gluhwein waiting for me at home!

This French Connection Salsa Faux Fur Coat is an ideal winter staple. It’s so demure and elegant, and shouts style in the bold shaded purple colour. At the price of £195, it’s no steal but with the amount of wear we can get out of a thick winter layer these days it’s still well worth the investment and would work out as fantastic value price-per-wear. I guess we can say a big thank you to climate change for that one!

Another big thank you can go out to my friend Cally and his team of tech-fashion experts. They’ve created ‘Mallzee’, the retail savvy’s favourite gadget to find what suits you and how to get it. Now getting the latest wardrobe must-haves couldn’t be easier. Mallzee is the ideal app which makes mobile shopping personal, effortless and fast – just how shopping in the modern world should be done. No need to turn to your friend and dread the inevitable answer to “Does this look good on me?”. Now they can let you know instantly through the click of a button, avoiding any fashion catastrophe or friendship disputes.

So grab your mobile, and with Mallzee you could be heating up this winter faster than you can say ‘another mulled wine please’. Fashion has just got seriously fast!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hangover Hero

We've all been there, having woken up the day after the heavy night before and struggled to string a sentence together let alone put together a reasonable outfit. The desire to shove on whichever items are closest to hand and just accepting it’s a style offence is so hard to resist, but for the sake of fashion sanity it’s a situation best avoided.

Whenever I’m feeling unenthused to change out of my pyjamas, or most likely the clothes I slept in from the night before, at least we have a hangover hero in the form of Markus Lupfer. When the flashback to the fifth tequila you were forced in to in the early hours of the morning hits, all you want is a comfy jumper and a pair of extra-stretchy leggings to curl up in. That’s where a sparkly, sequin wonder in the form of Lupfer’s designs come in.

His jumpers are so comfortable it’s almost a hangover cure in itself when you slip one on. Forget paracetamol and a greasy fry up, designer jumpers are the way forward! They make any accidental glance in the mirror which would usually evoke immediate regret and a groan of disgust, almost a pleasant experience. The sequins and quirky designs are an amazing way to distract from the look of sleep-deprivation and poorly removed make-up.

I love the classic “lips” design which is immediately recognizable, but his other garments are equally as interesting. They’re so simple and chic, easy to wear even when you’re feeling a little fragile, but elude such a sense of style.  

Markus Lupfer, I salute you. You are my hangover hero!