Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rain, Rain, Come Again!

We all get the inevitable feeling of dread when looking outside before leaving the house and seeing the oh-so familiar rainy drizzle poetically running down the window pane. Personally, I love rain (when I'm inside!), and preparing for it does not mean grabbing the nearest mac-in-a-sac or cag-in-a-bag. You can step out and face the elements whilst remaining perfectly dry and looking as fashion savvy as ever. It might require a little investment in a few key pieces, but it's worth it to feel comfortable and look great.

No-one can design a trench coat like Burberry. I don't think anyone can dispute that, and if they did I'd like to see them try when faced with their current collection. They manage to cover every coat base, from simple and understated to stand-out and seriously daring. Meaning that, of course, I want to own every single design they now have - wonderful for the purse strings!

This metal plate vinyl trench caught my eye straight away. Burgundy is one of my favourite colours anyway, and I think it flatters so many different skin tones, even the ghostly white colouring I've been blessed with! It may be pricey at over £1000 but you can't put a price on the exquisite tailoring synonymous with Burberry, nor the incredible sense of style and glamour that will immediately envelop you every single time you wrap this piece around yourself. It's a high fashion hug in a trench - who could ask for more?!

For those fashionistas who don't want to make quite such a bold statement as with the metal vinyl number above - shame, but I can understand that perhaps such an amazing piece of glamourous design may not be appropriate at every occasion - there is the short lizard detail piece from the collection. This is far more practical and practical for every day wear. In my opinion, it isn't as fun as the vinyl number which I know I would  never be able to prize away from my body once I first put it on, but it is unquestionably just as beautifully-tailored and the quality is second-to-none. No less than you would expect from the fashion legends at Burberry.

Don't be dismayed when you hear that rainy pitter-patter outside. Instead, prepare yourself with any one of Burberry's trench wonders and you'll be wishing the rain to come again today and everyday!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Canyon Creation Sensation

Wow this winter in any one of Clover Canyon's amazing print designs. Their simply stunning, eye-popping patterns are so joyful and vibrant, you couldn't help but feel bursting with energy once you slip on one of their pieces.

Their designs could be described by an entire dictionary's worth of adjectives and synonyms for loud, I wouldn't know where to begin. They're fruity - literally! - as beautifully displayed in their banana print ensembles. It works fabulously as a pencil skirt, paired with a basic black tank. However, whenever I do print, I like to DO print, so I'm in love with the shirt and trouser combination. It's certainly a statement, and one which I think Jesse J would probably wear just to nip down to her local cornershop to grab a pint of milk, but I definitely think it's a statement worth making, and one people should want to hear.

This neoprene swirl scarf dress from their collection is equally stunning. The colour palette is divine, seamlessly bringing a softness to the piece whilst incorporating the daring and bold pattern to create some real drama in the dress. This would be wonderful worn in the summer with a pair of delicate sandals, or on a glamorous night out teamed with a pair of chunky, killer heels elevating the impact of this dress from eye-catching to attention-grabbing.

I love the ethos behind this company, wanting to reflect the eclectic Calafornian spirit and working together to incorporate their collective love for travel and art. Their passion really shines through to their beautifully crafted designs which any modern woman with even the slightest interest in fashion would be jumping at the chance to wear. They're sure to brighten up any room, or 1 mile radius for that matter, so choose your favourite and make the wisest fashion purchase you've ever made by buying a Clover Canyon sensation!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Suited and Booted

I absolutely love being a girl, and I would certainly never wish to be anything else, but sometimes Men's fashion does make me a little jealous. The suave sophistication of a quality wool roll-neck, or the smart casual ease of a polo shirt just make life so easy for all you men! Us girls have to put in some real time and effort to look this good!

The most jealousy-inspiring piece of any man's wardrobe, for me, is a suit. Chic, classic tailoring, making even Mr. Average transform into Mr. Will you buy me a drink? I love the fun you can have with a suit, playing with each element to create whatever style of look you want. You can mix-and-match pieces, dressing it up or down by pairing a tailored jacket with a crisp, patterned shirt and jeans, or staying faithful to the classic look by matching a 2-piece suit with a block coloured shirt and tie. In my eyes, both are wonderful looks and appropriate for different occasions.

For me, Tom Ford is the perfect example of creating great design, tailored to what men want, and what they need. As well as keeping the ladies happy. Both these looks from his A/W 13 collection are a head-turner for me. They elude such class, style and elegance, I honestly wish I could wear them myself!

It's the versatility of a suit which I truly love the most. As well as the fact you can go through life building on your suit attire, adding pieces and updating looks. Always evolving with current fashion trends, but never needing to throw anything out. It's a hoarder's dream!

So my advice to any guy would be suit up and watch the women fall at your feet. It's a winning formula if I've ever heard one!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Something Got Your Goat?

PETA don't come running after me as a result of this post please! I would never say I'm a pro-fur fanatic, looking at any wildlife as a source of clothing and imagining any creature I see as a potential pair of boots or a warming, winter coat. However, I do believe that fur has it's purpose and that there are ethical ways in which we can manufacture it, so why not?

When we eat a cow, we should use it's skin for leather too. Otherwise that would surely enrage our eco-warriers in the world for how wasteful that clearly is. The same goes for already produced fur coats which were manufactured decades ago. It would be such a shame to keep such a beautifully crafted piece of clothing hidden away at the back of a wardrobe purely because you think so many people would disapprove of it nowadays. If you consider it a crime, it was one which was committed years ago, so there's no need to let it effect whether you wear it now.

When an animal is killed humanely and then sold for consumption, it's hide should be equally valued and put to good use. It's not a crime, unless it's thrown away and wasted in my eyes! However, if you do hold differing views to mine, the middle ground is always wool. It's equally warming and practical for winter attire, but requires no little lambs to be harmed in the process.

You can't deny how beautiful this goat-paneled wool-blend sweater from the genius that is Alexander Wang is. It's luxurious, chic and undeniably stylish. Seeing as it's wool, it won't offend any animal lovers and you can walk around guilt free knowing you look fab and fresh off the A/W 13 runway.

It's a shame I would most definitely have to take out a second loan or sell every item I own, along with a few from my parents', in order to afford it. It comes in at a pricey $1,300, but I suppose what price can you put on pure, unadulterated style? $1,300 apparently!

Paired with a simple, slim skirt it looks sleek and effortlessly cool. If you can afford it, I say run out and get it! It would be perfect for a winter's day out to the Christmas markets, glass of gluhwein in one hand and a cheek piece of stollen in the other. What more could you want?! 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Step Out In Style

Where would you be without your feet? I’d guess pretty lost, and immobile. Not exactly an appealing thought, so they should never be overlooked nor taken for granted. Your feet deserve the best, and they should be dressed in gorgeous shoes on a daily basis.

Sophia Webster has a real talent for combining her artistic imagination with practical design. Her latest AW13 collection is spectacular. There isn't a single pair of her creations that could not evoke immediate awe and envy from anyone of your peers when they see you step out in such decorative and seamless designs. As with a lot of the other pieces I have blogged about in the past, Webster's shoes truly are pieces of art in their own right. They should not only be worn, but appreciated and respected. They're no average pair of sandals! 

Take these Eloise Hologram Slingback Sandals for example. They are the ideal way to show adoration to your feet and to simultaneously look sophisticated and classy whilst fun and youthful. The appliqué detailing is incredibly beautiful and intricate; making them stand out as a classic pair of sandals. They seamlessly marry together a 40s vintage vibe, along with a real sense of modern, fresh and fashion-forward design.

The colours add a wonderful vibrancy and would brighten up any outfit. They also exude a real sense of femininity and softness which I think makes them particularly special. 

They may not seem like an ideal form of footwear for this time of year, but these would look knock-out worn with a pair of freezing-fighting thick tights and a giant fur coat. They're certainly worth fighting the elements for, as long as they're kept pristine in the process. I'm not usually a fan of frills and fancy adornments on shoes or clothing for that matter, but the flower detail on this pair ties in so well to the overall look of the sandals that they simply wouldn't be the same without it. I love that they're understated, yet they make a bold statement at the same time. 

There may be frills, but there's certainly no fuss. That's my kind of shoe!