Thursday, 18 July 2013

To Dye For

It's not saved for hippies or those thrifty types who up-cycle unused plain white tees (myself included), tie-dying is the 'it' print for this season. It's a staple in my wardrobe that's for sure.

Whether it's using a rainbow palette of colours or a single colour washed effect, tie-dye can take hundreds of forms. It can transform a simple t-shirt and high waisted short combo in to a carnival of colour.

(Monique Lhuillier; Raspberry iridescent ombré chiffon one shoulder draped gown with side split)

One designer who has really embraced the tie-dye to create a gorgeous floor length gown is Monique Lhuillier. The fabulous Filipino designer, most famous for her bridal wear, perfectly combines the casual nature of this material with the elegant cut of this dress to come up with a fresh and flawless piece. Her entire Resort 2014 collection is a combination of superb tailoring and flattering cuts with bold colouring and impeccably chosen prints.

Another of my favourite stand-out pieces has to be her Aquamarine Silk Faille Raglan Sleeve Swing Coat. I love the vibrant colour and uber chic design. You can see that any outfit would be instantly douzed in style once this coat is draped over the top.

So don't shy away from the dye look or bright statement colours. It'll get you noticed, and for all the right reasons.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Diamonds Are Forever

Just the sight of a diamond necklace in a jeweller’s window has the power to work a girl in to an accessory fuelled frenzy. It’s the way the stone can sparkle even in the dimmest light and add an effortless touch of glamour to the simplest of outfits. To add a little glitz with a piece of jewellery, you don't have to take out a loan or budget for the next 5 years though. It can look amazing AND be affordable, that's always my aim when I make any purchase.

These days, accessories are as much part of an outfit as the clothes you wear. Even more important if you ask me. I would almost make the case that without the perfect set of rings and carefully chosen necklace, it’s not an outfit at all. They’re easy to throw on but oh so important to get right.

I often find myself out of the house and feel a sudden rush of unease come over me. I’ll then realise I haven’t got a single ring on either hand and the only jewellery I can claim to be weaing is the anklet I bought on holiday over a year ago! I only feel ‘me’ if I’m wearing a fist full of rings and at least one of my tower of necklaces.

 A piece of jewellery can make a huge statement. It can steal the show, and why shouldn’t it if it looks anything like this incredible Shourouk necklace? Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but I think I've got a new one after discovering this designer.This piece would be the perfect way to liven up any ensemble. Worn over a plain white oversized shirt would make a strong statement oozing class and style. Shourouk tailors to all tastes with a great new collection incorporating fun new materials including PVC and climbing rope, not the standard wear making it all the more appealing. The necklace below just shows how she creates fresh and colourful designs whilst keeping it chic and contemporary.

She’s a hot new designer who I’m certainly going to be watching closely. I can't wait to buy my first piece, and I know it won't be my last. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Art on Legs

Fashion is a clear form of expression for a designer. They carefully sew stitches and choose the best material to convey exactly the look they have in mind. As with a painter with his brush strokes on a canvas or a poet with his skillful play with words.

Some designers stand out from the rest with the way in which they incorporate strong artistic flare within their garments. A bright, abstract shirt can scream 'Picasso' or a pop-art print tee can evoke Warhol vibes. It's not easy to do in an organic and original way but some designers are blessed with an innate ability to create a piece of art which we get the chance to wear. It's the most organic and pure form of self-expression, which generates the most beautiful and unique pieces one has often ever seen.

Valentino is the true master of transcending art in to the wonders of the fashion world. The beauty of the detail on his garments is second to none. As seen by the exquisite embroidery on the dress below and the sensational feather-work shown in his skirt. His talent is unquestionable and you can't help but be in awe of his creations, as well as feeling the immense desire to try on such an incredible, couture piece from his collection.

Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013-14 Collection

I have visions of MOMA and Prado injected streets, with walking masterpieces worthy of a spot on the most coveted museum walls. This Fall we're becoming the art, and it's important to do it justice. 

No longer is every street a catwalk, it's a gallery.

(Photos courtesy of

Friday, 12 July 2013

Blast From The Past

I love looking back at the fashions from past decades. The flapper dresses from the 20s and pink ladies style jackets from the 50s just fascinate me, the way one individual piece can transform an outfit in to a by-gone era. I have found myself in a fully fringed number with a sudden urge to burst in to the Charleston before, and now I know why.

I’m channelling a 40s vibe with this bird print dress. Paired with these genuine 40s vintage sunglasses, I feel as though I’m caught in the WWII years prepared to ‘Keep Calm and Couture On’. Hence the demure face as I don't have any clue what to do when put in front of the camera but at least it lends itself to the war time keep mum attitude!

The beauty of fashion is its cyclical nature. The fact that within one decade a piece can go from being the height of what’s ‘in’, to something you wouldn’t be seen dead in, to once again being the thing to own that season. I would never throw anything out that I can still wear for that simple reason. I’ll either keep it hidden away, waiting for that day when it comes back in to fashion or re-work it in to something that is wearable now.

Remember: It aint out of fashion, just out of time.     

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ashes To Ashes

The Ashes are here! We've got another sporting trophy in our sights, and the nation is behind our boys once again with plenty of support and encouragement.

Many love this cricket tradition for its true display of Aussie-Brit rivalry and the showcase of skill and sporting talent.

I, however, watch it (rather intermittently I have to admit) in awe and appreciation of their cricket whites which ooze effortless class. I’ve often pondered why they call them “whites” despite the fact they are clearly cream, but I’m in no position to campaign for it to be renamed.

Many follow the life mantra of “suffer for fashion”. I often agree and grit my teeth to strap on my peep toes in the full knowledge that my poor pinkies will be throbbing within minutes. To some that may seem absurd but as long as I internalise any expletive complaints there’s no harm in ensuring an outfit’s complete. The cricket boys must empathise to a certain extent when they throw on their chunky knit jumpers and trousers regardless of the summer sun. It looks good and that’s that.

One of this summer's key trends is sporting chic and our men are a great example of how sports wear can smarten up an outfit if worn in the appropriate way. I'm going to team this fun denim playsuit with a bright beaded necklace and these funky blue brogues. I see tennis meeting golf in perfect harmony with this young, bright and sporty outfit.    

Sometimes “no pain no gain” is all that needs to be said.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The F Word

No, I’m not referring to Gordon Ramsay’s word of choice, nor making a glaringly obvious reference to the word fashion. I’m instead touching up a key word which always springs to my mind when deciding which outfit to put together and how to style myself every day.

The word is “fierce”. I may be a mere 5 foot 3 inches and look no older than 12 to the average person, but that is in no way going to stop me from dressing exactly how I like and expressing how I feel in the best way I know how. In certain context, the word fierce may hold a negative connotation and imply a certain sense of aggression. However, when used in a pure fashion sense, it simply implies for you to be who you want to be and own it.

Dressing yourself is the perfect outlet to show others who you are irrespective of whether they like that or not.

These are my absolute favourite heels of the moment. They’re a recent purchase from the latest Christian Louboutin collection, almost requiring a second student loan to fund. If they were a man I would marry them, and I’m still considering going ahead with the nuptials despite the fact they’re not. My father’s immediate reaction to seeing them was “Horrible!” which I suppose I should have expected from a financial director who isn’t one of Louboutin’s closest followers. If we all loved the same things, we’d all look identical which would make for a pretty boring world wouldn’t it?

So grab your favourite platforms and outrageous meat covered dress if you like and be fierce. Own it, and it’s yours. No one can question that.

ps. thanks to mama swift for her photography skills!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Ball's In Your Court

The Men's Wimbledon final is upon us; the nation is inhaling breath and psyching itself up for a tense few hours of awe-inspiring tennis.

Tennis is one of the great sports where style and physical ability meet in perfect harmony. The grace of a smooth forehand along with the beauty of a crisp white shirt sets the game up to be a fashion-fitness match made in heaven. One of my pet hates has always been the women’s desire to over-accessorize with drop earrings and elaborate pendants, although one can’t fail to be impressed if they can still hit an ace whilst adorned in more jewels than I could dream of owning.

I’ve admittedly never been Andy Murray’s biggest fan due to his usually monotonic interviews and, at times, childish displays of frustration. However no one can deny that this year he has hit the grass with a mentality of complete determination and drive towards the coveted golden trophy. He’s certainly managed to win me over to a certain extent and I’ll be screaming him on once the match begins. The inner-struggle of what to wear today is does one opt for a Brit inspired ensemble or a Wimbledon colour swatch creation? I always like to set myself a challenge so I’ve tried to cover both angles.

I love the young, fresh and vibrant print on this shirt, the perfect nod to Wimbledon purple and green. Teamed with the blue shorts and a simple white tank, the outfit oozes national pride and a classic British attitude once the sun emerges. 

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Lions Are Coming

I apologise for that undeniable fact that this post is dedicated to all my British readers, but the Lions are fighting for the rugby title today and that’s something that just can’t be ignored. We have to give support to the team, both in shouts of encouragement and looking the part. It’s twice as effective if you look good. Fact.

The team are called the lions for a reason, and they’re undoubtedly going to prove it on the pitch today. Clearly I thought it necessary to spend some time contemplating the most appropriate attire for such a momentous occasion and I decided, yet again, to take a more alternative approach and go for a bit of ‘outside the box’ thinking. I’m channelling the ferocious and animalistic nature of the game and cheering our men on in African inspired prints. They are known as the lions after all so you can’t blame me.

Both ideal wear for sipping on an ice cold beer, and if things get a bit raucous they work wonders at hiding a stain or two from flying pints. 

Come on boys!

Friday, 5 July 2013

What A Day For A Daydream

Finally the sun has arrived! A bit of vitamin D in the system and I'm more than excited to throw on a floral dress and get outside with a glass of cool vino. Best wait until after 11am, that's what I'll admit here publically anyway.

Everybody knows that when the weather looks up, so does the nation’s attitude. People are more inclined to smile at one another and politely hold the door open for a stranger rather than leaving it to slam in their face – and why not, we’re in no rush when it’s glorious sunshine.

It’s certainly the British way that once we spot the first golden ray of sunshine, the legs are out and those chest of drawers can’t contain our shorts even if they tried.

I have to admit that I find any opportunity to wear my pineapple print blazer, come rain or shine, but today couldn’t be more appropriate. Paired with a block orange top, it does all the talking as I blissfully enjoy the brief but splendid summer.

Florals are also great, especially if they’re chiffon. For anyone who enjoys a good skip in the sun, you’ll appreciate the beauty of such material and the air of ethereal happy-go-lucky-ness it evokes. You can be nothing but care-free wearing such a thing.

Happy summer everyone…finally!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fabulous Fringing

I woke up this morning, met with another day of average weather making it difficult, yet again, to decide what outfit to throw together to avoid suffering the elements once I step outside. The loved summer dress is once again put lovingly aside, saved for that dreamed about day when the sun finally makes an appearance.

Trapesing through my autumn collection, I re-discovered one of my favourite, more outlandish pieces which I haven't worn for a while. It never fails to make me feel super confident, as well as keeping me beautifully warm, considering it's rather garish heavy fringing. Some may call it hideous bad taste, but sometimes extreme bad taste is exactly what an outfit needs. If you can walk around feeling confident and encourage fashion envy wearing this jacket - what can't you wear?

I absolutely love this piece which I bought a couple of seasons ago from Warehouse, and it never fails to liven up a dull outfit. Such little effort required, other than making sure you match it with a fierce attitude.

And for all those ye of little faith-ers, not wanting to step out and challenge the safe boundaries of style, New York fashion week was show to plenty of tassels and fringes set to be a key trend for Autumn/Winter 2013.

Here is a great example from the New York Fashion Week A/W 2013's Project Runway show. Who wouldn't love to wear that?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fitness is Fashion

Going to the gym and working out is just as much an occasion to dress up and show you fashion credentials as sitting in the front row at fashion week. Maybe not quite, but it's getting there! 

It's no longer standard practice to hit the treadmill in an old pair of jogging bottoms and a baggy t-shirt, it's all about the stylish leggings and club-worthy fluorescent tank. I LOVE the latest collection from Lucas Hugh, showing us that any girl can look hot and runway ready in lycra #lucashugh #fitnessfashion

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Golf Club Glam

Off to the golf club for lunch today, and the need to look smart yet allude the sense of stylish ease has never been so great. It's not as simple for women when it comes to golf attire, with options of buttoning up a polo shirt to your chin teamed with a pair of slightly too cropped chinos being a common choice. I'm going to take a tip from the glorious Victoria Beckham and avoid the classic collared look altogether, who knows what uproar this could cause but all in the name of fashion #fashionrebel 

I love this collarless blazer from her spring/summer 2013 collection as shown during New York Fashion Week. The saying goes "Less is more" and in the collar department, the current trend seems to follow such a mantra.

(photo courtesy of

Monday, 1 July 2013

The Weather Outside May Be Frightful, So Let's Dress Up and Feel Delightful

It may be gloomy weather outside, but that's no reason to shy away from colour this summer. I love to rebel against the dark clouds looming overhead with a splash of bright colour teamed with a muted shirt. Not a classic summer outfit but that's fashion. 

Mollie from the Saturdays perfectly captures chic and summer ready style in her floral suit, ideal for a day at Wimbledon. Looking like the perfect English summer rose in a cute short and shirt suit combo, ready to cheer on the tennis stars! 

(photo: courtesy of

Who knew my younger sister could so easily throw this bold, casual outfit together? Olivia Swift working statement purple jeans paired with a simple oversized jumper. Perfect daywear for the summer we're now accustomed to!