Saturday, 21 December 2013

Timeless Tailoring

Suits and smart tailoring are no longer worn solely by men entrapped in the corporate world, paired with a yawn-worthy white white shirt and tie and overly shined leather brogues. Tailoring is something which can be appreciated by all, and has become a real artistry of fashion designers. There is no better way to clearly display the complex skills of design and craftsmanship by producing a beautifully sewn suit, nor will any piece ever be as timeless as a perfectly fitting piece of tailoring.

The trade has feminised over the years, with softer shapes and curved silhouettes, allowing the previously masculine dominated market to be equally appreciated by us girls. It's not just a look to be worn by ball-breaker business moguls, tailoring is now both practical, functional in business but most of all stylish and chic. A blazer can smarten up almost any look, and elevate a casual jean and shirt combination to a far greater fashion level of effortless elegance.

Many designer dabble within their collections each season with a couple of tailored pieces here and there, but others are specialists and clearly stand-out as the well-known, fashion names when looking to tailoring and quality design.

The name Helmut Lang immediately springs to my mind, and cannot be considered any less than a God in the female tailoring realm. His designs could happily grace any upmarket cocktail party, with others fitting perfectly into any high-flying workplace. I struggle to think of any occasion  in which a Helmut Lang piece could not be the ideal 'run to' in order to turn heads and evoke immediate jealousy.

This Cubist Print jacket is a personal favourite of mine. It combines both a classic assymetric, feminine wrap around shape to compliment almost any female figure with a modern, bold print design. It would look fabulous in a serious business meeting, or worn out to dinner with a killer pair of heels. Both versatile and functional - a girl's best friend!

Have no fear when you're faced with the need to suit-up and look smart, thanks to the fashion Gods of Helmut Lang we can still look sexy, stylish and sensational. I'm desperate to get in the boardroom just for the excuse to buy another luxury Lang design and discuss the most important business debate - fashion.