Saturday, 25 January 2014

Gig Get-Up

When you're getting yourself ready for a night out at a gig, it's important to get the perfect combination of style and comfort. You want to spend the time to find the perfect outfit which looks effortlessly thrown together in minutes - much easier said than done!

If you're anything like me and usually in love with the musician performing, you clearly want to impress for that fleeting moment his eyes skim the crowd and he might catch a glimpse of you, whilst also preparing yourself for 2 solid hours of standing in a hot, sweaty crowd and not wanting to wither from those oh-so tight skinny jeans.

My ideal gig get-up would be a funky pair of leggings, preferably with extra loose elastic to allow for a couple of extra beers whilst you enjoy the evening! I'd pair those with a chunky knit jumper, with a loose tank underneath so if things get rowdy and you feel the need to de-layer it's easy to whip of your sweater and feel comfortable.

I love the selection from American Apparel and would happily choose pretty much any pair and wear them any day of the week. For a laid back concert, I'd go for this pair which are suitably attention grabbing and edgy but the classic monotone colouring keeps the piece wearable and avoids the try-hard trap which is so easily fallen in to.

Paired with a simple over-sized jumper it'll ease thrown-together style, as well as being comfortable and ideal to dance in - perfect for that next gig.

So think ahead and plan your gig garm before you head out to ensure you turn heads whilst avoiding the cramped, sweaty crowd suffering!