Friday, 17 January 2014

Battle The Post-Christmas Blues

The month of January is difficult for all of us. Taking down the Christmas decorations, putting away the Bublé crimbo CD until the following year and still facing the decidedly less than pleasing wintry weather outside.

After already having gorged for the past 2 weeks, although all you want to do is turn to yet another piece of cake and down half a bottle of wine, we know deep down it's for the best to join others for depressing "dry January" and head over to the gym. GRIM!

Well that's not the only possible answer to the post-Christmas blues. The sales are still on with bargains to be bought, so turn to fashion to lift your mood!

A bright new frock can't fail to bring a smile to your face, especially when it's a price which can keep your purse happy too.

I love this 'Leader Of The Pack' floral satin dress by Finders Keepers. I can't resist using a cheeky pun as it really does pack a punch - ouch... and reduced from £145 to £58 (Available at so it won't hit your bank account too hard.

The print is bold and blues-bursting with colour, but in tones which keep it muted and perfect for casual day wear or dressed up for the evening. It's multi-seasonal too, as it would look so cute with a pair of sandals on a summer's day, but equally with tights and ankle boots if you're daring to face the outdoors this Winter.

So don't turn to the biscuit tin - again! - to deal with the turmoil of getting back to work and re-entering reality. Use your wardrobe to add colour to your life and give you the boost to start 2014 looking fab!