Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Underwear is the New Outerwear

Trends each season can often be a little risqué, with exposed skin here and there and the odd bit of lace doing nothing to cover our dignity. It's fun to be daring and designers are continuing to push the boundaries of where the line should be drawn between day wear and night-time attire.

Rodarte have managed to create a Spring/Summer 14 collection which encapsulates the beautiful femininity of lingerie whilst maintaining a perfectly socially acceptable level of daily wearability by covering just the areas, just the right amount.

These pieces manage to hit the spot by allowing us girls to feel sexy and young, yet paired with a longer, more demure, skirt keeps the outfit classy and chic. The only problem I would find would be ever having the weather to be able to pull it off without looking pained, but they do say no pain no gain so perhaps a little risk of hypothermia would be worth it!
Not only have Rodarte managed to bridge the gap between nightwear and daywear seamlessly, but they're almost bringing Ying and Yang together in perfect harmony too - what a team of design geniuses!

I adore these monochrome looks, especially the right-side harlequin ruffle halter top. That would be perfect paired with a cute pair of shorts on a summer day, or with a high-waisted leather skirt for a sexy, seductress look.

Ladies, if you want to feel sexy, feminine, glamorous or all of the above (as well as perhaps a little chilly!), head to Rodarte where you will undoubtedly find a piece to fit the bill.