Saturday, 8 March 2014

Á La Mod

The Jam are musical legends, firstly because of their ingenious talents of songwriting but secondly because of their legendary style. Paul Weller is nothing short of an icon and catapulted the mod style into the mainstream.

The fashion movement began in the early-mid 60s and has remained a key look for music lovers across the globe, but particularly within the Brit-pop community. To be a mod is to be fashion conscious, but not conscious or care what others think - of your outfit nor your lifestyle. It encompasses an attitude that's care free, suave and smart, and lets not forget - beautifully British.

I'm so happy to see, despite it's strong prevalence in certain areas of the country, it's making a revival. Seemingly gracing the Parisian catwalks first, but it's only a matter of time until it explodes back onto our British pavements. I can't wait until it becomes the norm once again to see a man fully suited-and-booted, along with a classic mod hair-do, groomed pain-stakingly until it reaches the perfect 'just out of bed' look.  

Carven has hit the mod nail on the head at this year's Paris Fashion Week with their women's fashion.

This tweed shift dress is great. The colour is really fresh and perfect for spring 2014 whilst effortlessly paying homage to the 60s.

Both of these designs encompass the mod's fundamental sense of style and sophistication through great tailoring and simple accessories. I love that both are designed in cutesie baby pink, yet they simlutaneously give off a vibe of strong, empowered feminity and a real "don't f*** with me" attitude - true á la mod!

Let your true 60s soul emerge this season, and update your wardrobe by harping back to the dream decade and adding a few pieces á la mod.