Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Say Yes to the Dress

So I've just handed in my final honours dissertation and I'm feeling absolutely ecstatic. The cocktails have been flowing since 11am so it's time to power nap in preparation for tonight's celebrations. Writing the 16000 word dissertation was certainly a hard slog, but the decision as to what to wear for the celebratory pictures was possibly even more challenging. Do I go all out or keep it cool yet casual? TRICKY

At least when it comes to the end of year ball, that is a slightly easier decision. Definitely a full-length gown, although considering my almost dwarf-like stature that means shortening any dress I decide on well in advance! It's important to pitch the outfit at the perfect level of class and sophisticated glamour, yet practical enough to allow room for the 3 course meal, drink and ceilidh dancing at the end of the evening. So many things to think about!

This Halston Heritage One-Shoulder Georgette Dress is perfect, and actually very similar to the one I will be wearing on the night of my final ball. It's chic, glamorous and classy yet very wearable and tailored perfectly to allow for a good ol' dance later on in the night.

I'm generally apposed to the classic LBD, always choosing colour in favour of the cliché all-in-black number, although I do think that can look knock-out, but rather wanting to stand out more from the crowd if possible. This colour-block number from TIBI certainly ticks those boxes, whilst still remaining undeniable classic and beautiful with a stunning silhouette and great tailoring.

I always support daring to step out in a bold coloured dress and standing out with a bold, striking number. So why not try something new and go for an eye-catching gown and wow the crowds?