Monday, 16 June 2014

World Cup Wardrobe

World Cup fever has officially broken out and spread across the globe, with flags adorning almost every house and team shirts sported by fans on every street.

I've surprised myself by how much I have enjoyed watching the games so far, and how invested I have got into teams I know absolutely nothing about - vamos Columbia! - it's the dance that got me!

It's unsurprising considering my obsession with all things fashion that my eyes often wander from the players', sometimes less-so, intricate ball skills to their team kit and to the many interesting ensembles within the crowds. So far I haven't been overly enamored, nor hugely offended by any of the sporting outfits this world cup. 

However, although many won't have noticed nor cared, but I must comment on the Uruguay team kit and their oh-so-effeminate neckline which I find looks rather odd on a football shirt. 

It's clearly only a matter of opinion, and perhaps it has a functional purpose to allow for less neck-chafing for the players (?!) but I cannot support such a fashion choice. It's wrong...just wrong. Hopefully I won't have a raging band of crazed Uruguayans after me once I post this!

I'm undecided on my opinions on the French kit. It has an air of preppy street style whilst maintaining it's sense of practicality and sport functionality.

The players do look incredibly smart, which is often a rarity when it comes to football, but I suppose the French are renowned for their fashion credentials and why stop at the catwalk when you can take it to the World Cup stage?

Of course I can't write a World Cup kit themed post without mentioning our boys and their crystal white attire. Clearly I'm biased, but I have been impressed by the team's get-up this year - as well as their performance in Saturday night's game!

They're simple, understated and classic - exactly how a World Cup winning football team kit should look. Or at least the kit of a team who'll put their heart and soul into each and every game, wearing their country's coat of arms on their chest, and hopefully getting a ball or 2 in the back of the net.

In the fashion stakes, I would say that England are firmly up there with the best of them, so lets get behind our boys and cheer them through to the knock out stages!