Monday, 23 June 2014

Wowwing at Wimbledon

It's over a year since I started my blog, and I cast my memory back to when I wrote a post early in July, when I still had a thriving imagination for creating witty blog-post titles, about Wimbledon and encouraging my many (four!) readers to embrace the classic colours of purple and green. 'The Ball's in Your Court' was one of my earliest posts, and re-reading it brings such a sense of nostalgia as well as clearly demonstrating how far my fashion has come since then. So much has changed in just 12 months!

Seeing as Britain's most iconic sporting event, Wimbledon, officially started today, with our boy Andy Murray sailing through the first round on centre court, I thought it only right that I comment on what attired I consider to be most appropriate to wear when supporting your favourite player, whether you're sitting at home and screaming at the set-top box, or lucky enough to go and see a game live court side.

For the ladies, the combination of comfort and style is key. Wherever you'll be watching the game, it's going to be for the long haul and - fingers crossed! - the sun will be shining so it's important to choose wisely so you keep your cool and can stay calm to cope with the stresses of near misses and challenged linesmen calls. Florals are a summer staple, as are floaty silhouettes and maxi skirts.

[Dress: Seafolly Rio Maxi dress, £141.00, Available from]

This dress by SEAFOLLY would be absolutely ideal, allowing you to look chic and camera ready if you're in the centre court crowd, as well as the maxi, floaty skirt keeping you cool and comfortable for the hours of play. It can double-up as a World Cup outfit if necessary due to it's Rio inspired design, however for all my English readers that would simply be more salt rubbed into the wound, so let's focus on Wimbledon where we have a far greater chance at success!

For the men supporters, I would suggest going for a polo shirt. They effortlessly ooze style and sophistication so you can look smart whilst avoiding over heating in the summer sun. Personally, I love the classic and simply Ralph Lauren polo such as this one. It's chic and understated, paired with chinos and quality leather loafers it's a winning Wimbledon look.

[Polo shirt: Ralph Lauren, £75.00
Loafers: Harrys of London, £325.00, Both available from ]

So prepare yourself, both mentally and fashionably, to put the hours in and watch the nail biting games that are inevitably to come over the next fortnight. Wimbledon, here we come!