Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Loving Leather

It may be a material most conventionally used for handbags and purses, but leather should never be constrained to just our accessories. It’s classic, clean and seriously stylish. It’s not the most comfortable or practical of fabrics, but who cares when it looks great? No pain no gain could not be a more appropriate mantra when it comes to fashion.

I am loving Michael Kors’ leather cropped zipped pants. They ooze sleek style and sophistication, and can easily be paired with simple white contrast-collared shirt to complete a fabulous look. The funky and young feel of the cropped leg adds something unique to the piece and help it stand out from other leather pieces in the market.

I just love how throwing on a pair of leather trousers makes you feel. It’s fundamentally sexy and adds an effortless air of stylish seductress to even a casual outfit. It's so easy, yet so successful. So in the future, dare to risk having to peel off your trousers after wearing them - it's so worth it!