Monday, 9 September 2013

Space Age Style

I may not be a believer in the paranormal or any extra-terrestrial beings, but that does not mean that I’m against a space inspired style. Any opportunity to add a modern metallic element to an ensemble and dazzle with a piece which isn't seen too often on our Earthly the streets, I'll grab it. 

I’ve channelled my inner galaxy explorer with this silver skirt. Paired with one of my favourite multi-coloured ‘star-explosion’ shirts, I love the fun and bright futuristic vibe of this outfit. It's so simple to put together, but I think creates a rather strong statement which few would feel daring enough to wear.

This simple silver spacey piece is a great new addition to my wardrobe, transforming easily from day to night. Teamed with a basic tee it works as a casual chic but very contemporary day look but then, with a quick change, and worn with a cute red cropped tie top you’re immediately ready for a night on the town. It's all about ease paired with style with my wardrobe. I love to make an effort and dress up, but if it requires hours of thought and being constrained by only a couple of pieces working together, it's not a piece I would buy. With today's economy, you want maximum wearability out of every single item you own, ensuring it can be transformed with the simple addition of a different necklace or colourful pair of jeans.  

Despite the very specific style of this intergalactic metallic skirt, it really does work well in a huge variety of looks and outfits. It just has to be wisely styled and then can work for almost any occasion. Who knows, maybe this is the look of one our neighbouring planets? Maybe I’m not so original after all!