Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What You See Is What You Get

Another sheer blouse? Yes please!

You can never have too many in my book. They are the perfect addition to a pair of jeans to transform an outfit from daytime casual to sassy afternoon chic. They can suit any number of figures and shapes too. As a self-deprecating ironing-board chested woman, I embrace the beauty of the chiffon shirt and its ability to make me feel feminine and girly. It's such a fresh fabric which flows over any unwanted lumps and bumps, as well as being so luxurious that you can't help but feel fabulous.

This Miu Miu plaid silk-chiffon blouse is the perfect example. It works really well paired with a basic black a-line skirt, but equally thrown over a pair of dark blue jeans or worn with a pair of simple high-waisted shorts and it would cause a stir. (Available at

Half the fun of a sheer blouse is the visible bra/no bra debate. I'm pro bra all the way! If you're young and stylish, why not add that little cheeky element to your outfit? As long as you consider the underwear as closely as the blouse that is, ensuring the 3 year old elastic-less comfort bra is left at the back of the drawer!

So button up your favourite blouse, and dare to bare this winter!