Sunday, 27 October 2013

God Save The McQueen

Alexander McQueen is clearly a designer dream for most fashion lovers, and an inspiration to many other designers and brands within the world of fashion.

Thanks so the wonderful and talented Sarah Burton as creative director of the fashion house, McQ Alexander McQueen has continued to maintain its legendary place as a leader in innovation and design.

I am completely encapsulated by their shoe collection at the moment. If money grew on trees, I know where I'd run to after grabbing a suitcase full! They are always unmistakably McQueen - eye-catching, modern, beautifully sculpted pieces of art. They are pairs of walking architecture, being renowned for often reaching dizzyingly sky-high heights.

That's what McQueen has established it's strong, respected history upon. Creating quality stand-out pieces which appeal to the daring, super stylish fashionista who not only wants to make a statement, but wants to evoke envy from everyone around them. Fashion's cut throat, and wearing a pair of McQueen's incredible shoes is exactly that. They combining a sense of danger from braving the amazingly tall stiletto to demeaning anyone around who realizes how much better you look than they do!

It's easy to see why when you look at these amazing heels. There's no head that wouldn't turn on seeing these beauties, and you can count on the fact no-one else will be wearing them unlike those Primark pumps you throw on usually.

These incredible boots are more my personal style, and they're clearly more wearable day-to-day. They don't make quite the same 'wow, look at me!' statement, but you can't deny that they are effortlessly cool and seriously chic. They would be amazing to wear to keep your tootsies warm on a cold Winter day, and add a real sense of classic style to an outfit. Worn with a pair of dark, smart jeans and a blouse, you'd be the best dressed anywhere.

So whether you want to cause a stir, or ooze style and sophistication, with a pair of McQueens shoes you can do all three. They really are the shoes dreams are made of!