Friday, 11 October 2013

Dare To Play The Fashion Game?

It’s a Friday night, so a few drinks at the very least are a must. Even if it’s a cheeky vino at the pub, any occasion to dress up and flash your latest purchase is always welcome.

I always advise not to over think an outfit. The more time you put in to the decision, the more put-together and awkwardly matchy-matchy it can look. I go in with a ‘throw it on, and see how it looks’ attitude. Far easier, and always a lot more fun, creating a different outfit every time! Perhaps a little more stressful if the outfit attempt #1 has more of a fancy dress vibe from pattern overkill, and it might take a few minor tweaks to get to the final look, but with patience the outcome can look great.

Fashion is supposed to be fun, so it should never be taken too seriously. Whenever I see a dressed mannequin carefully dressed in a shop window, the thought of going in store and buying the exact outfit is one I immediately reject. If someone has thought of it before, think again and try something new. You don't have to be whacky and outrageous just for the sake of it, don't get me wrong I'm no advocate of Miley Cyrus's bizarre get-up, but it definitely pays to try and go against the grain of the masses.  


Tonight, I’m taking a smart casual approach to my attire, inspired by my discovery of the awesome designer duo behind Aries. I absolutely love this navy silk polka dot shirt paired with a pair of bright red jeans, perfectly eluding chic style and nonchalance. It’s a great mixture of classic and modern style, ideal for both casual day wear, and easily transferable to a classy, smart evening look. They aim for their designs to transcend seasons and exist beyond time and place, their success in doing so is clear with this time-less piece. (Available online from:

It's not groundbreaking or going to change the rules of fashion, but it'll catch people's eye and certainly evoke a few compliments here and there. Why not try something new when you step out tonight, and dare to play in the game of fashion.