Monday, 7 October 2013

Some Like it Hot

Winter is most definitely on its way, one of my favourite seasons, and the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe. I love wrapping myself up in a big coat and braving the elements. And with some of the latest fabulous high street offerings, I’d be more than happy to brave the inevitable onslaught of chilling winds and blustering snow. Especially with the thought of a warming glass of gluhwein waiting for me at home!

This French Connection Salsa Faux Fur Coat is an ideal winter staple. It’s so demure and elegant, and shouts style in the bold shaded purple colour. At the price of £195, it’s no steal but with the amount of wear we can get out of a thick winter layer these days it’s still well worth the investment and would work out as fantastic value price-per-wear. I guess we can say a big thank you to climate change for that one!

Another big thank you can go out to my friend Cally and his team of tech-fashion experts. They’ve created ‘Mallzee’, the retail savvy’s favourite gadget to find what suits you and how to get it. Now getting the latest wardrobe must-haves couldn’t be easier. Mallzee is the ideal app which makes mobile shopping personal, effortless and fast – just how shopping in the modern world should be done. No need to turn to your friend and dread the inevitable answer to “Does this look good on me?”. Now they can let you know instantly through the click of a button, avoiding any fashion catastrophe or friendship disputes.

So grab your mobile, and with Mallzee you could be heating up this winter faster than you can say ‘another mulled wine please’. Fashion has just got seriously fast!