Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hangover Hero

We've all been there, having woken up the day after the heavy night before and struggled to string a sentence together let alone put together a reasonable outfit. The desire to shove on whichever items are closest to hand and just accepting it’s a style offence is so hard to resist, but for the sake of fashion sanity it’s a situation best avoided.

Whenever I’m feeling unenthused to change out of my pyjamas, or most likely the clothes I slept in from the night before, at least we have a hangover hero in the form of Markus Lupfer. When the flashback to the fifth tequila you were forced in to in the early hours of the morning hits, all you want is a comfy jumper and a pair of extra-stretchy leggings to curl up in. That’s where a sparkly, sequin wonder in the form of Lupfer’s designs come in.

His jumpers are so comfortable it’s almost a hangover cure in itself when you slip one on. Forget paracetamol and a greasy fry up, designer jumpers are the way forward! They make any accidental glance in the mirror which would usually evoke immediate regret and a groan of disgust, almost a pleasant experience. The sequins and quirky designs are an amazing way to distract from the look of sleep-deprivation and poorly removed make-up.

I love the classic “lips” design which is immediately recognizable, but his other garments are equally as interesting. They’re so simple and chic, easy to wear even when you’re feeling a little fragile, but elude such a sense of style.  

Markus Lupfer, I salute you. You are my hangover hero!