Monday, 4 November 2013

Step Out In Style

Where would you be without your feet? I’d guess pretty lost, and immobile. Not exactly an appealing thought, so they should never be overlooked nor taken for granted. Your feet deserve the best, and they should be dressed in gorgeous shoes on a daily basis.

Sophia Webster has a real talent for combining her artistic imagination with practical design. Her latest AW13 collection is spectacular. There isn't a single pair of her creations that could not evoke immediate awe and envy from anyone of your peers when they see you step out in such decorative and seamless designs. As with a lot of the other pieces I have blogged about in the past, Webster's shoes truly are pieces of art in their own right. They should not only be worn, but appreciated and respected. They're no average pair of sandals! 

Take these Eloise Hologram Slingback Sandals for example. They are the ideal way to show adoration to your feet and to simultaneously look sophisticated and classy whilst fun and youthful. The appliqué detailing is incredibly beautiful and intricate; making them stand out as a classic pair of sandals. They seamlessly marry together a 40s vintage vibe, along with a real sense of modern, fresh and fashion-forward design.

The colours add a wonderful vibrancy and would brighten up any outfit. They also exude a real sense of femininity and softness which I think makes them particularly special. 

They may not seem like an ideal form of footwear for this time of year, but these would look knock-out worn with a pair of freezing-fighting thick tights and a giant fur coat. They're certainly worth fighting the elements for, as long as they're kept pristine in the process. I'm not usually a fan of frills and fancy adornments on shoes or clothing for that matter, but the flower detail on this pair ties in so well to the overall look of the sandals that they simply wouldn't be the same without it. I love that they're understated, yet they make a bold statement at the same time. 

There may be frills, but there's certainly no fuss. That's my kind of shoe!