Saturday, 16 November 2013

Suited and Booted

I absolutely love being a girl, and I would certainly never wish to be anything else, but sometimes Men's fashion does make me a little jealous. The suave sophistication of a quality wool roll-neck, or the smart casual ease of a polo shirt just make life so easy for all you men! Us girls have to put in some real time and effort to look this good!

The most jealousy-inspiring piece of any man's wardrobe, for me, is a suit. Chic, classic tailoring, making even Mr. Average transform into Mr. Will you buy me a drink? I love the fun you can have with a suit, playing with each element to create whatever style of look you want. You can mix-and-match pieces, dressing it up or down by pairing a tailored jacket with a crisp, patterned shirt and jeans, or staying faithful to the classic look by matching a 2-piece suit with a block coloured shirt and tie. In my eyes, both are wonderful looks and appropriate for different occasions.

For me, Tom Ford is the perfect example of creating great design, tailored to what men want, and what they need. As well as keeping the ladies happy. Both these looks from his A/W 13 collection are a head-turner for me. They elude such class, style and elegance, I honestly wish I could wear them myself!

It's the versatility of a suit which I truly love the most. As well as the fact you can go through life building on your suit attire, adding pieces and updating looks. Always evolving with current fashion trends, but never needing to throw anything out. It's a hoarder's dream!

So my advice to any guy would be suit up and watch the women fall at your feet. It's a winning formula if I've ever heard one!