Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Canyon Creation Sensation

Wow this winter in any one of Clover Canyon's amazing print designs. Their simply stunning, eye-popping patterns are so joyful and vibrant, you couldn't help but feel bursting with energy once you slip on one of their pieces.

Their designs could be described by an entire dictionary's worth of adjectives and synonyms for loud, I wouldn't know where to begin. They're fruity - literally! - as beautifully displayed in their banana print ensembles. It works fabulously as a pencil skirt, paired with a basic black tank. However, whenever I do print, I like to DO print, so I'm in love with the shirt and trouser combination. It's certainly a statement, and one which I think Jesse J would probably wear just to nip down to her local cornershop to grab a pint of milk, but I definitely think it's a statement worth making, and one people should want to hear.

This neoprene swirl scarf dress from their collection is equally stunning. The colour palette is divine, seamlessly bringing a softness to the piece whilst incorporating the daring and bold pattern to create some real drama in the dress. This would be wonderful worn in the summer with a pair of delicate sandals, or on a glamorous night out teamed with a pair of chunky, killer heels elevating the impact of this dress from eye-catching to attention-grabbing.

I love the ethos behind this company, wanting to reflect the eclectic Calafornian spirit and working together to incorporate their collective love for travel and art. Their passion really shines through to their beautifully crafted designs which any modern woman with even the slightest interest in fashion would be jumping at the chance to wear. They're sure to brighten up any room, or 1 mile radius for that matter, so choose your favourite and make the wisest fashion purchase you've ever made by buying a Clover Canyon sensation!