Friday, 8 November 2013

Something Got Your Goat?

PETA don't come running after me as a result of this post please! I would never say I'm a pro-fur fanatic, looking at any wildlife as a source of clothing and imagining any creature I see as a potential pair of boots or a warming, winter coat. However, I do believe that fur has it's purpose and that there are ethical ways in which we can manufacture it, so why not?

When we eat a cow, we should use it's skin for leather too. Otherwise that would surely enrage our eco-warriers in the world for how wasteful that clearly is. The same goes for already produced fur coats which were manufactured decades ago. It would be such a shame to keep such a beautifully crafted piece of clothing hidden away at the back of a wardrobe purely because you think so many people would disapprove of it nowadays. If you consider it a crime, it was one which was committed years ago, so there's no need to let it effect whether you wear it now.

When an animal is killed humanely and then sold for consumption, it's hide should be equally valued and put to good use. It's not a crime, unless it's thrown away and wasted in my eyes! However, if you do hold differing views to mine, the middle ground is always wool. It's equally warming and practical for winter attire, but requires no little lambs to be harmed in the process.

You can't deny how beautiful this goat-paneled wool-blend sweater from the genius that is Alexander Wang is. It's luxurious, chic and undeniably stylish. Seeing as it's wool, it won't offend any animal lovers and you can walk around guilt free knowing you look fab and fresh off the A/W 13 runway.

It's a shame I would most definitely have to take out a second loan or sell every item I own, along with a few from my parents', in order to afford it. It comes in at a pricey $1,300, but I suppose what price can you put on pure, unadulterated style? $1,300 apparently!

Paired with a simple, slim skirt it looks sleek and effortlessly cool. If you can afford it, I say run out and get it! It would be perfect for a winter's day out to the Christmas markets, glass of gluhwein in one hand and a cheek piece of stollen in the other. What more could you want?!