Friday, 5 July 2013

What A Day For A Daydream

Finally the sun has arrived! A bit of vitamin D in the system and I'm more than excited to throw on a floral dress and get outside with a glass of cool vino. Best wait until after 11am, that's what I'll admit here publically anyway.

Everybody knows that when the weather looks up, so does the nation’s attitude. People are more inclined to smile at one another and politely hold the door open for a stranger rather than leaving it to slam in their face – and why not, we’re in no rush when it’s glorious sunshine.

It’s certainly the British way that once we spot the first golden ray of sunshine, the legs are out and those chest of drawers can’t contain our shorts even if they tried.

I have to admit that I find any opportunity to wear my pineapple print blazer, come rain or shine, but today couldn’t be more appropriate. Paired with a block orange top, it does all the talking as I blissfully enjoy the brief but splendid summer.

Florals are also great, especially if they’re chiffon. For anyone who enjoys a good skip in the sun, you’ll appreciate the beauty of such material and the air of ethereal happy-go-lucky-ness it evokes. You can be nothing but care-free wearing such a thing.

Happy summer everyone…finally!