Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Ball's In Your Court

The Men's Wimbledon final is upon us; the nation is inhaling breath and psyching itself up for a tense few hours of awe-inspiring tennis.

Tennis is one of the great sports where style and physical ability meet in perfect harmony. The grace of a smooth forehand along with the beauty of a crisp white shirt sets the game up to be a fashion-fitness match made in heaven. One of my pet hates has always been the women’s desire to over-accessorize with drop earrings and elaborate pendants, although one can’t fail to be impressed if they can still hit an ace whilst adorned in more jewels than I could dream of owning.

I’ve admittedly never been Andy Murray’s biggest fan due to his usually monotonic interviews and, at times, childish displays of frustration. However no one can deny that this year he has hit the grass with a mentality of complete determination and drive towards the coveted golden trophy. He’s certainly managed to win me over to a certain extent and I’ll be screaming him on once the match begins. The inner-struggle of what to wear today is does one opt for a Brit inspired ensemble or a Wimbledon colour swatch creation? I always like to set myself a challenge so I’ve tried to cover both angles.

I love the young, fresh and vibrant print on this shirt, the perfect nod to Wimbledon purple and green. Teamed with the blue shorts and a simple white tank, the outfit oozes national pride and a classic British attitude once the sun emerges.