Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fabulous Fringing

I woke up this morning, met with another day of average weather making it difficult, yet again, to decide what outfit to throw together to avoid suffering the elements once I step outside. The loved summer dress is once again put lovingly aside, saved for that dreamed about day when the sun finally makes an appearance.

Trapesing through my autumn collection, I re-discovered one of my favourite, more outlandish pieces which I haven't worn for a while. It never fails to make me feel super confident, as well as keeping me beautifully warm, considering it's rather garish heavy fringing. Some may call it hideous bad taste, but sometimes extreme bad taste is exactly what an outfit needs. If you can walk around feeling confident and encourage fashion envy wearing this jacket - what can't you wear?

I absolutely love this piece which I bought a couple of seasons ago from Warehouse, and it never fails to liven up a dull outfit. Such little effort required, other than making sure you match it with a fierce attitude.

And for all those ye of little faith-ers, not wanting to step out and challenge the safe boundaries of style, New York fashion week was show to plenty of tassels and fringes set to be a key trend for Autumn/Winter 2013.

Here is a great example from the New York Fashion Week A/W 2013's Project Runway show. Who wouldn't love to wear that?