Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ashes To Ashes

The Ashes are here! We've got another sporting trophy in our sights, and the nation is behind our boys once again with plenty of support and encouragement.

Many love this cricket tradition for its true display of Aussie-Brit rivalry and the showcase of skill and sporting talent.

I, however, watch it (rather intermittently I have to admit) in awe and appreciation of their cricket whites which ooze effortless class. I’ve often pondered why they call them “whites” despite the fact they are clearly cream, but I’m in no position to campaign for it to be renamed.

Many follow the life mantra of “suffer for fashion”. I often agree and grit my teeth to strap on my peep toes in the full knowledge that my poor pinkies will be throbbing within minutes. To some that may seem absurd but as long as I internalise any expletive complaints there’s no harm in ensuring an outfit’s complete. The cricket boys must empathise to a certain extent when they throw on their chunky knit jumpers and trousers regardless of the summer sun. It looks good and that’s that.

One of this summer's key trends is sporting chic and our men are a great example of how sports wear can smarten up an outfit if worn in the appropriate way. I'm going to team this fun denim playsuit with a bright beaded necklace and these funky blue brogues. I see tennis meeting golf in perfect harmony with this young, bright and sporty outfit.    

Sometimes “no pain no gain” is all that needs to be said.